Hermes Realty Group has been saying it for years how awesome of a city Dacula is to live in. Now we have even more to back up our claim! Dacula was just listed in's Top 10 Affordable, Kid-Friendly Suburbs... That City Parents Won't Hate 

This data was collected by starting with the Nation's 10 largest cities. Then they took all the surrounding ZIP codes outside the city limits to find the best suburb for each city. They used this list of criteria:

  • Affordability based on data, defined as less than $400K ($500K for pricey SF)
  • Percentage of children residing in each ZIP code
  • Availability of child care
  • Number of toystores
  • School rankings
  • Number per capita of restaurants, bars, and museums
  • Low crime rates
  • Reasonable commuting time (70 minutes or less)

As your local area expert we would be happy to show you around this great 'burb' only 37 miles outside of Atlanta!


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