What I learned from two teenagers:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get to see one of our families biggest heroes, Grace. Grace is a young lady that is fighting a huge battle right now.


I first met Grace a year or so when McClain and I went to McClain's Georgia Blazers swim practice. Grace developed caner a few years ago in her leg and the doctors determined it was best to amputate a portion of her left leg. The caner was in remission but has recently returned and while the prognosis is not good, Grace is a doing "whatever it takes".

Grace's mom, Vicki has been keeping everyone up to date on Grace through a @CaringBridge page:

This is an excerpt from today:

"As I mentioned last week, our family participated this summer in an incredible project with Caring Bridge called ‘How We Heal.’ ....

On a conference call last week, Grace was asked how swimming and friendships have helped her to heal through her illness. Her friendship with McClain Hermes became the focal point of this discussion and by the end of the conference call, this producer had all but booked his flight to Atlanta so that he could come and learn more about Grace and McClain’s friendship as well as how swimming has helped both Grace and McClain overcome adversity, .....Tonight, Coach Rick and Coach Pat of Swim Atlanta were more than gracious to allow this producer to capture video and photographs of Grace and McClain swimming together at Grace’s Monday night swim practice. As I indicated last evening, Grace’s back pain has returned. As a result, both prior to leaving for swim practice and upon returning from swim practice, Grace asked for pain medication. After handing to her a glass of water along with a tiny white pill this evening after practice, I asked Grace if she was ok; she replied with the following words, ‘I’m ok mom, I’m fine. I’ll do whatever it takes, mom. Whatever it takes.’

Whatever it takes. Can you imagine if we did "whatever it takes" on a daily basis? What if you did what it takes in your business today? Would you make that extra phone call? Ask for the appointment? How about in your family? What would you do to ensure you did whatever it takes to make your spouse happy or do whatever it takes to show your kids how much you really love them? 

What if  we did "whatever it takes" to give back to the community we live in? I'm curious what doing "Whatever it takes" looks like in your life today.