Safer Together

"Give Me 5!"

A $5 donation has the chance to save one life. $85 donation purchases one intruder defense system that could save one classroom of children and adults.

The Hermes Realty Group, with Keller Williams Atlanta Partners has been a fixture in the Atlanta metro market for the past 16 years. As a part of our overall Mission to "...give where we live." we are committed to helping to protect our children and everyone who works within the Gwinnett County School System.  Our Team members have spouses who teach within the system, children who attend GCPS and family and friends who are on GCPS school campuses o na daily basis. 

Gwinnett County covers an area of over 437 square miles. The school system operates 140 schools in 19 clusters. Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) will serve more than 180,320 students this year along with more than 22,000 employees. Our goal is to help protect over 200,000 children and adults with the Barracuda Intruder Defense Systems. 

Barracuda Intruder Defense System


To procure 11,000 +/- barricade devices for every door within Gwinnett County Public Schools that will provide peace of mind for teachers, students, parents and administrators while acting as a deterrent to potential perpetrators. The devices are to buy time for first responders to react to any threat in or around the schools. It’s not a matter of if there will be an incident in GCPS but when.

Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000 to be raised within one year and to have the systems in place by the beginning of the 2019 academic school year.

Stats on School Shootings

Since the shooting at Columbine, CO on 4/20/1999, over 187,000 students at 193 other schools that have experienced a school shooting. The shootings have caused 375 deaths or injuries. These massacres only take minutes to unfold and are changing lives of everyone forever.

  • Columbine 04/20/1999: 49 minutes with 2 shooters = 15 dead and 24 injured

  • Sandy Hook 12/14/2012: 5 minutes with 1 shooter = 28 dead and 2 injured

  • Stoneman Douglas 02/14/2018: 6 minutes with 1 shooter = 17 dead and 17 injured

  • Santa Fe 05/18/2018: 22 minutes with 1 shooter = 10 dead and 13 injured

How can you help? 

A $5 donation helps protect one life so no donation is too small.

$2,500.00 Donation = 500 lives protected

$10,000.00 Silver Level Donation = 2,000 lives protected

$25,000 Gold Level Donation = 5,000 lives protected

$100,000.00 Platinum Level Donation = 20,000 lives protected

All funds will be deposited directly into the GCPS Foundation Fund a Georgia 501c3 and managed through the fund. Full accounting will be available and a tax deductible receipt will be provided within 24 hours of your donation. Once all of the funds are secured we will start the implementation process with the ultimate goal of having all the units in place by beginning of the 2019 academic school year.